Weed research

Weed research group is specialised in:


  • The efficacy and selectivity evaluation of:

    – herbicides (cereals, oilseed rape, potatoes, legumes, maize, vegetables, grasses, orchards, fallow, flax, pasture and non-agricultural areas);

    – desiccants (oilseed rape and potatoes);

  • Weed survey in arable crops;
  • Weed-crop competition in field trials (focus on?Avena fatua);
  • Weed resistance to the herbicides;
  • Weed mapping;
  • The development of controlling methods of the invasive species (e.g. Giant Hogweed).
  • Giving advice and recommendations to farmers for suitable methods (chemical, mechanical) for weed control in arable crops;
  • Giving advice and?recommendations to farmers to prevet herbicide resistence;
  • Preparing scientific publications and publications for farmers in local journals about hot topics.

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