Projects 2014

The project “Integrated pest management for weed control in arable crops for sustainable use of the environment and resources” supported by European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) (2013-2014).

Aim: To develop recommendations for weed control in economically important crops according to Integrated Plant Protection principles.

Project in collaboration with State Stende Cereals Breeding Institute, State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute and Latvia University of Agriculture.

Project manager: Dr. agr. Ineta Vanaga (LPPRC)

LPPRC tasks in the project:

  • Weed surveys in the south-east part of Latvia
  • Research on wild oat (Avena fatua )
  • Identifying potentially herbicide resistant weeds in Latvia



The project “Hardiness evaluation of the cereal cultivars to diseases in Latvian agroclimatic conditions by evaluating the commercial qualities of cultivars” (2014).


The project “Management of strawberry blossom weevil and European tarnished plant bug in organic strawberry and raspberry using semiochemical traps”. (2012 – 2014).