NJF Seminar 493 Integrated plant protection (IPM) in Nordic and Baltic berry crops

Riga, Latvia, 30-31 January 2017

Berry crops are high value minor crops in North-European zone. They require a special attention in growing and protection because of small plantations. Sharing knowledge of these topics and finding common solutions is very important factor for this sector of agriculture in North-European zone. The seminar aims to be a meeting place for scientists, advisors, students and others interests in the current and future plant protection practices and challenges in North-European berry crops. The seminar language is English. Seminar fee includes lunches, refreshments and conference dinner.

This is the fifth seminar organized by working group Plant protection in Sustainable Berry Production in NJF section ?Plants?.

Seminar committee:

Liga Feodorova ? Fedotova, Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre, Latvia;

Baiba Ralle, Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre, Latvia;

Biruta Bankina, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia;

Nina Trandem, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway (working group leader); nina.trandem@nibio.no

P?ivi Parikka, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Lene Sigsgaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Birgitta Svensson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Seminar secretary:

Liga Feodorova ? Fedotova, Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre, Latvia, Latvia; liga.f.fedotova@laapc.lv


We especially encourage talks on:

  • new methods and tools for controlling, monitoring or forecasting (including damage thresholds)
  • IPM guidelines and audits in the different countries
  • growers? adoption of IPM
  • pesticide situation in Northern zone (resistance and few products for minor crops)
  • breeding for plant resistance
  • emerging pests
  • interactions between pollinators and plant protection practices.

Posters on all topics relevant to the seminar title are welcome.

Keynote speakers: will be available soon

Provisional programme ? will be available soon

Seminar location: Riga, Latvia

Hotel name: Avalon Hotel

It is recommended to stay at Avalon Hotel (special seminar price). If you need help with room reservation or you want to stay in other hotel please contact the seminar secretary – liga.f.fedotova@laapc.lv

Important deadlines

Registration starts:?15.07.2016

Registration closes:?01.11.2016

Abstract submission starts: 15.07.2016

Abstract submission ends: 01.12.2016.

Registration fee

NJF members before 01.10.2016: 280 EUR

Students before 15.09.2016: 180 EUR

Others before 15.09.2016: 330 EUR

NJF members after: 15.09.2016: 330 EUR

Students after 15.09.2016: 230 EUR

Others after 15.09.2016: 380 EUR

You can register here: https://dinkurs.se/appliance/?event_id=39469

More info: http://njf.nu/seminars/ny-calendar-event-7/?date=2017-01-30