Horticultural crop pathology

Horticultural crop pathology?group is specialised in:

  • The efficacy and selectivity evaluation of:- fungicides (fruit and berry crops, vegetables);

    – plant growth regulators (strawberries);

    – non-traditional fertilizers, plant growth promoters (fruit and berry crops, vegetables);

  • The diagnosis of plant diseases and identification of the causal agents;
  • The observations?and monitoring of the fruit and berry diseases;
  • The biology and epidemiology studies of the most important fruit and berry crop pathogens (e.g. Venturia inaequalis, Venturia pirina, Colletotrichum acutatum, Monilinia spp., Podosphaera spp. and Phomopsis spp.);
  • The development of integrated and biological control methods of plant diseases in fruit, berry and vegetables production;
  • Disease forecasting (Venturia inaequalis by RIMpro).

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